Automobile Tyres (L.J.K.Sethright)

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Author: L.J.K.Sethright, Hardbound, 200 Pages, ISBN: 9780412098505 - 1st Edition, 1972 **RARE SECOND-HAND BOOK IN EXCELLENT UNREAD CONDITION** 

Written at the end of a period of intense development in tyres, Automobile Tyres provides a thoroughly up-to-date account of all aspects of the subject.

This field was generally ignored and taken for granted until the mid-1960s, since when the tyre has undergone tremendous development and it is expected that with constant developments in materials, occasional revisions in structure, intensive development and adoption of run-flat tyres (with legislation to suit), this trend will continue. Increasing attention is being paid to tyres by industry because of pressures from governmental safety campaigns in the U.S.A., U.K.. Sweden and Germany.

In shape, size, materials and behaviour the tyre has changed and improved almost beyond identification with previous styles, at every level, from racing and record breaking down to the humblest economy car. Every aspect of tyre design and construction is studied critically, to guide laymen, engineering students, industrial trainees, sportsmen and others in all the complex inter-relationships of design, construction materials, working environment, vehicle characteristics, driving techniques and performance of the tyre. Chemistry and mathematics are deliberately minimized and simplified. The book also gives a description of Dunlop's newly announced 'total mobility tyre'.

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