Build Your Own Sports Car for as Little as 250 Pounds - And Race it!

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  • Build Your Own Sports Car for as Little as 250 Pounds: And Race it! (9781859606360)
  • Build Your Own Sports Car for as Little as 250 Pounds: And Race it! (9781859606360)
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2nd hand book, like new condition, ISBN: 9781859606360, Hardcover, Published in 2000


Low in cost but high in fun and fulfilment — that's the Locost sports car, for drivers with more dash than cash. This fully revised and expanded new edition of automotive engineer Ron Champion's bestseller gives step-by-step instructions on how to build yourself a roadworthy SVA test-compliant two-seater,

and even how to go racing with it.

The book has already inspired so many people to build their own sports cars that there is now a thriving Locost Car Club, an international network of members willing to share their experiences, and even a new MSA-approved race series for Locosts, sponsored by Haynes and run by the 750 Motor Club.

This all-colour new edition includes instructions on:

  • Making the space-frame chassis and suspension units.
  • What to salvage from your donor car and where to find what else is required.
  • Adapting components to suit your car.
  • How to make a fuel tank, windscreen, dashboard, mudguards and nose cone.
  • Body panelling, interior trim and seating.
  • Wiring and plans for dual circuit braking system.
  • Getting your car through the Single Vehicle Approval test.
  • Racing a Locost, regulations and modifications for the track.

Ron Champion designed and built the first Locost for his son James. Later he used the plans to teach Locost building to pupils at the public school where he taught motor engineering.

The first edition of Build Your Own Sports Car captured the public imagination and there are now Locost builders worldwide.

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