Building And Racing My '750' (P.J.Stephens)

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Author: P.J. Stephens, Hardbound, 111 Pages, ISBN: B000KP52DU - Fourth Edition, October, 1958 - **Second-Hand book in excellent unread condition !

This a story of achievement. The story of a raw novice planning, constructing and racing successfully, on modest means, a racing car based on the homely Austin Chummy.

It is a book to be enjoyed by any motor-racing enthusiast, but of particular interest to a novice contemplating for himself the construction of a back-yard special for whom it is an inspiration and a source of most valuable first-hand knowledge.

P. J. Stephens set himself a double task from the start—building a racing car and writing a book. He has attacked both with the same terrific enthusiasm and has made a winner of both.

He describes the vital details of construction and cost with great thoroughness and his blunders with an engaging frankness.

Of no less interest and of equal value to the novice is his vivid description of his first season's racing with its triumphant finish. Here, too, he gives facts and figures which the beginner will find hard to come by anywhere else.

? . it is quite an extensive treatise, and no enthusiast can fail to be interested in it as a story as well as a handbook." The Autocar.

. we couldn't set this book down until the last page had been turned." W.B. in Motor Sport.

44 ? I thoroughly enjoyed the book. . . it is certainly most readable." John Bolster in Autosport.

"This book will prove invaluable to the enthusiast. . . ." Motor Racing.

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