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Cars - Motorsport Books

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    Elva The Cars, The People, The History Elva The Cars, The People, The History

    David Bull Publishing

    Elva The Cars, The People, The History

    By: Janos Wimpffen . Description Spirited, fast, quirky, elemental, affordable, idiosyncratic, and most of all, fun—these are among the many adjectives that have been used to describe British sports and sports-racing cars of the 1950s and 1960s...
  • Le Mans Panoramic
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    Veloce Publishing

    Le Mans Panoramic

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    By: Gavin Ireland . The Le Mans 24 Hours is the ultimate endurance race, a true test of man and machine. It is a classic feature of the motorsport calendar, attracting more than 230,000 people to the track every year to see one of the greatest...
  • Mille Miglia: The World's Greatest Road Race Mille Miglia: The World's Greatest Road Race
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    Mille Miglia - The World's Greatest Road Race

    By: Anthony Pritchard . Eighty years ago four motor racing enthusiasts who had witnessed the thrill of the Le Mans 24 Hours came up with the idea of a 1,000-mile race round Italy. Count Aymo Maggi, Franco Mazzotti, Giovanni Canestrini and Renzo...
  • The A-Series Engine: Its First Sixty Years
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    The A-Series Engine - Its First Sixty Years

    In October 1951, the launch of Austin's new small car, the A30, changed the face of the motor industry forever. Its engine — coded AS3 at the time, but soon named A-Series — became a cornerstone of the ever-developing British Motor...
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    To Finish First To Finish First

    HarperCollins Publishers

    To Finish First - My Years Inside Formula One, Can-Am and Indy 500

    By: Phil Kerr . Description A Kiwi insider's evocative account of working with Bruce Mclaren, Jack Braham, Denny Hulme and many others during en era of motorsport marked by both Trimph and Tragedy. The 1960s and '70s were the golden years of...