Competition Car Suspension - Design, Construction, Tuning - 3rd Edition

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Author: Allan Staniforth, Hardbound, 270 Pages, ISBN: 9781859606445, 3rd Edition, 1st Edition, 1988 - This Edition Revised and Reprinted in 2003

- Design, Construction, Tuning

The design and development of competition car suspension systems is a vital ingredient of winning performance. Here, Allan Staniforth, an acknowledged expert on the subject, explains the theory and practice of successful suspension engineering and explores in an easy-to-understand and readable style how and why suspension systems work.

Since the first edition was published in 1988 there have been some quite revolutionary changes, partly through advancing technology but also forced by major changes in the rules at the peak of the sport. These developments are all reflected in this third edition of Staniforth's book.

Meanwhile, at club level, people like David Gould have been refining and improving their approaches to both computer and constructional aspects of the racing car. The book provides a detailed interpretation with calculations, reasons and pointers for those keen to analyse their own cars or planned projects.

The banning of active suspension from virtually all motor racing by the FIA has proved a violent spur to the development of damper design. Here, full coverage is given to this evermore complex aspect of racing car technology with the latest dampers described and illustrated.

Allan Staniforth, one-time RAF navigator and Daily Mirror reporter, is now a freelance writer and suspension tuner. He is perhaps best known for the Terrapin DIY racing car and as author of the Race and Rally Car Source Book. He has built many specials over the years, and is now driving a Scott Megapin (Kawasaki-powered on electronic injection and engine management) in a return to the 1100 class. He is still fascinated by suspension, whether for hill-climbing or Formula 1 racing.

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