Fast Fords - Alex Gabbard

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Author: Alex Gabbard, Softbound, 192 Pages, ISBN: 0895864983, 1st Edition, 1987

- Winner of the 1988 Moto Award

Fast Fords...

and the men behind them that made the FORD name synonymous with high performance.

From 1901 when Henry Ford raced his car to the first Ford win to the Elliott and Glidden T-Birds setting records and winning races today. Read about the Chevrolet brothers, Arthur, Louis and Gaston, who had closer ties to their Fronty Ford race cars and equipment than with
the cars carrying their name - Chevrolet? And then there's Edsel Ford and his Indy effort.

From Cobras to Cammers, beach to high-banks, Indy to LeMans, Bosses to Cosworths; when Fords raced, Fords won . .. and they still do. Details the glory days of Ford performance, from the first of the century into the '80s.

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