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Out Of Print Books

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    AMC Cars 1954 - 1987: An Illustrated History AMC Cars 1954 - 1987: An Illustrated History


    AMC Cars 1954 - 1987 - An Illustrated History

    By: Patrick R. Foster . Formed in 1954 by the merger of The Hudson Motor Car Company and Nash-Kelvinator Corporation, American Motors Corporation was no ordinary company. It was the last, and the very best, of the great independent automakers. Highly...
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    Aston Martin: The Story Of a Sports Car Aston Martin: The Story Of a Sports Car

    Aston Martin - The Story Of a Sports Car - Limited Edition Reprint

    By: Dudley Coram . This book was originally published in 1957. This edition reprinted in a limited edition of 600 copies in April 2004. The pre-eminent position of the British Motor Industry in the field of high performance cars is due mainly to the...
  • Audi R8  WSC Giants Audi R8  WSC Giants
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    Veloce Publishing

    Audi R8 WSC Giants Series

    By: Ian Wagstaff . Description The history of the world's most successful endurance racing car: the Audi R8, featuring reports of all of its 80 races, plus profiles of the 35 drivers who raced the car between 2000 and 2006 — as well as the Audi...
  • Audi TT: The Complete Story Audi TT: The Complete Story
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    Audi TT - The Complete Story

    By: James Ruppert . IN AUTUMN 1995 Audi took the motoring world by storm. The concept car that they displayed on their stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show was an instant star and the sexy two-seater coupe had such a striking, contemporary, unfussy design...
  • Austin-Healey 100 & 3000 Series Austin-Healey 100 & 3000 Series
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    Austin-Healey 100 and 3000 Series - (Softbound Edition)

    By: Graham Robson . Unveiled in 1952, the Austin-Healey 100 was an innovation in the sports car market and won instant acclaim. As the series developed, the cars only became more popular and garnered an even larger following. This illustrated...
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    Bentley A Racing History Bentley A Racing History


    Bentley A Racing History

    By: David Venables . Description Bentley is perhaps the most evocative name in British motor racing history and in this authoritative book, illustrated with a breathtaking collection of photographs, David Venables tells the entire story of Bentley's...
  • Bugatti Type 10 to Type 251 Portfolio Bugatti Type 10 to Type 251 Portfolio
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    Brooklands Books

    Bugatti Type 10 to Type 251 Brooklands Portfolio

    By: Brooklands Books (Road Test Portfolio). Description - A-BUGRP This book has been compiled for Bugatti owners, enthusiasts and others interested in the marque. In 1955, soon after leaving the Royal Air Force, I started accumulating motoring...
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    Caterham Sevens: From Conception to CSR Caterham Sevens: From Conception to CSR


    Caterham Sevens - From Conception to CSR

    By: Chris Rees . Widely recognised as the standard work on the history of Caterham, covering all models from the original Lotus Seven of 1957 and its Caterham derivative of 1973 to the latest Cosworth-powered Caterham CSR of 2005. Caterham Sevens is...
  • Cobra Replicas Cobra Replicas
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    Cobra Replicas

    By: Ian Stent . Outside of the States, the UK's Cobra replica scene is one of the most exciting and prolific on the planet. In this book the author has visited all of the major players, looking closely at the cars and the companies behind them, to...