Hyundai Excel 1990 - 1994 Workshop Manual

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  • Hyundai Excel 1990 - 1994 Workshop Manual
  • Hyundai Excel 1990 - 1994 Workshop Manual
  • Hyundai Excel 1990 - 1994 Workshop Manual
  • Hyundai Excel 1990 - 1994 Workshop Manual

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By: Gregory's .

Hyundai Excel 1990 - 1994 Workshop Manual covers:

Hatchback, Sedan, Panel Van
1.5 Litre EFI

1990 - Sept. 1994

This Gregory's Service and Repair Manual covers the fully imported, front wheel drive Hyundai Excel four door sedan and three and five door hatchback introduced from January 1990 and the three door panelvan introduced from October 1991.
All models are equipped with a 1.5 litre multipoint fuel injected engine. The engine is a four cylinder single overhead camshaft design operating two valves per cylinder. The camshaft is driven by a toothed timing belt which must be renewed at four year or 96 000 km intervals on 1990—91 models and at six years or 90 000 km intervals on 1992—94 models.
The vehicles are equipped with either a four or five speed manual transaxle or four speed automatic transaxle with a lockup torque converter.
Rack and pinion steering is standard on all models with power assistance installed to LS and GLS models. GLS models are also equipped with a tilt adjustable steering column.
The independent front suspension comprises MacPherson strut assemblies, control arms and stabiliser bar.
The independent rear suspension comprises control arms, with coil springs, shock absorbers and stabiliser bar.
The dual circuit braking system has ventilated disc brakes installed to the front and drum brakes installed to the rear.
Manual transaxle vehicles produced from July 1990 have a safety start system where it is necessary to fully depress the clutch pedal before the vehicle can be started.
Automatic transaxle vehicles produced from July 1990 have a select/key interlock system where it is necessary to switch the ignition on and apply the footbrake before the selector lever can be moved from the Park position. The system also prevents the ignition switch going to the lock position until the selector lever is returned to the Park position.
This manual includes information on trouble shooting, lubrication and maintenance, specifications and the removal, installation and overhaul of components which are considered to be within the scope of the average, well equipped home mechanic.
Certain repair jobs covered in this manual require the use of special equipment not normally found in the home tool kit. When such equipment is required, the equipment and its function is brought to the users attention underneath the heading for that component. Some jobs such as automatic transmission overhaul, should be left to an authorised dealer or a specialist who has extensive knowledge and equipment required. In these cases, the removal and installation procedures are fully covered, enabling the unit to be removed for repair or a reconditioned unit to be installed.
Reference in the manual to the left and right hand sides of the vehicle are from the point of view of someone standing at the back of the car and looking forward.
Inexperienced operators should not attempt a service or repair operation before completely reading the appropriate section (or other sections which may be referred to) in the manual.



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