James Hunt Against All Odds - 1st Edition

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By Eoin Young with James Hunt, Edited by David Hodges, Hardbound, 176 Page, ISBN: 0600352501 , Second Hand in good condition 1st Edition, 1977

This is James Hunt's story of the eventful 1976 Grand Prix World Championship, when he gained the title by the narrowest of margins in the last race of the most dramatic series in the history of the championship. Written with the collaboration of leading motoring journalists, it follows the build up of suspense through the 17-race series to its extraordinary climax under the slopes of Mount Fuji.

The 1976 story is set against the background of Hunt's career — the mixed fortunes of his early days in racing and his meteoric rise to international fame with the Hesketh team. Throughout there are rare and privileged glimpses behind the scenes of Grand Prix racing, and into the crowded life of an international sporting superstar. Hunt discusses his approach to driving, racing and life, looks back on some of the cars he has raced and the personalities he has known, assesses some of his rivals, frankly gives his views on some of the controversies which followed the 1976 championship series from track to track through five continents. He admits to his weaknesses, while his strengths as a whole-hearted competitor and a natural champion become very obvious as his steps to the world title arc traced.
Informed and informative, this outstanding book is illustrated with over 100 photographs — many in colour — which recall many aspects of James Hunt's life and career, above all the season when he became World Champion . . . against all odds.

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