Morris Minor 1000 1956 - 1971 Workshop Manual

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  • Morris Minor 1000 1956 - 1971 Workshop Manual
  • Morris Minor 1000 1956 - 1971 Workshop Manual
  • Morris Minor 1000 1956 - 1971 Workshop Manual
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By: Haynes .

Morris Minor 1000 1956 - 1971 Workshop Manual covers:

all models of Saloon, Convertible and Estate 1956 - 1971, 948 cc (57.8 cu in), 1098 cc (67 cu in) 4 cylinder engines.

This manual describes in detail how the Morris Minor 1000 owner can remove, dismantle, overhaul, reassemble, and replace all the mechanical and electrical components that comprise his car, and how he can maintain it in first class condition to ensure maximum longevity and reliability.
The author has stripped and rebuilt all the major mechanical and electrical components himself. Only through doing it in this way is it possible to pass onto the private owner the solutions to various problems he may encounter, and to give other hints and tips which can only be obtained through practical experience.
The photographic strip and rebuild sequences show how each of the major assemblies were removed, taken apart, and rebuilt, and in conjunction with the text and exploded illustrations, should make all the operations described quite clear - even to the novice who has never attempted this type of work previously.
The Morris Minor 1000 is a model which has achieved great popularity since its initial introduction. In standard condition it is an excellent compromise between smooth, silent running, fair performance, low running costs, and a good rate of wear.
As these models grow older and become worn it is inevitable that their reliability will decrease and repairs and general reconditioning will become necessary. It is hoped that this workshop manual will prove here to be of maximum assistance, as it is the only workshop manual available directed specifically to assist Minor 1000 owners, as opposed to service operators and garage owners.
The manuals issued by the majority of vehicle manufacturers are splendid publ - ications which contain much useful information, but naturally they are of most use to commercial garages. They are only of limited interest to the private owner who is more concerned with the correct way to dismantle and reassemble component parts, and in fault tracing and rectification, than in the use of welding, drilling, machining, dial gauge measuring, and other specialised garage equipment, the use of which is frequently referred to in the pages of the average manufacturer's manual.
It is fully appreciated that the majority of owners have a good basic set of tools but no more, and therefore wherever possible, ways are shown to get round the use of expensive garage tools - as for example in the Chapter on the rear axle.
Garage repairs are becoming increasingly a simple case of removing a worn component or a s s e m b ly and replacing it with a new or reconditioned one. The old fashioned arts required by mechanics of yore, such as the ability to scrape bearings until a perfect fit, are now a thing of the past. There is no special skill involved in stripping and rebuilding mechanical and electrical components providing car e is taken. It follows that there is no valid reason why the average owner should not be able to strip and rebuild worn components himself and so benefit from the considerable financial savings this invariably involves. However, he must know how to go about the job properly, and must obviously possess average manual dexterity and a liking for machinery.
Here then is a manual which will show the enthusiastic, mechanically inclined Minor 1000 owner, how he can best maintain and repair his car himself, without recourse to professional assistance or expensive tools and machinery.


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Morris Minor 1000 1956 - 1971 Workshop Manual
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