Porsche 911 Air- Cooled Years 1974-1989 - Limited Edition 2018

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  • Porsche 911 Air- Cooled Years 1974-1989 - Limited Edition 2018
  • Porsche 911 Air- Cooled Years 1974-1989 - Limited Edition 2018

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Author: Andreas Gabriel / ‎ Manfred Hering / Tobias Kindermann, ISBN: 9783981459234, published in 2018, Hardcover book in Slipcase, 417 pages, Limited to 2018 copies

Strictly limited print run of 2018 copies worldwide:

After the great success of his Porsche 911 Turbo book entitled “Aircooled years 1975-1998”, Andreas Gabriel has in recent years exhaustively investigated the Classic 911 G model. This Porsche 911 became a real evergreen and kept its place in the model range for all of sixteen years. A feat not achieved by any subsequent generation of the ‘Eleven. The G model has always been – and still remains – one of the most popular classic Porsches, combining as it does sophisticated and reliable technology with unbeatable driving pleasure. Andreas Gabriel had the opportunity to talk to the developers of this air-cooled classic and even met the man who campaigned to crucial effect for the survival of the ‘Eleven at the end of 1970s, when it was due to be replaced by the Porsche 928. The book “Porsche 911 Aircooled Years 1974 – 1989” presents every single model from this series. In addition to detailed purchase advice and price trends in recent years, it deals exhaustively with all six limited editions, some of which are completely unknown even to connoisseurs. For this book project, Porsche once again provided access to its historical archive, which is why the reader can now see, among other things, previously unpublished photographs of Helmuth Bott taken during the testing phase of the G model in Algeria. Internationally recognised Porsche expert Tobias Kindermann has also compiled an exclusive technology and statistical section for all Porsche 911 models from model years 1974 – 1989.

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