The JWF Story - Italia & Milano (Bruce Polain, 2020)

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  • The JWF Story  - Italia & Milano (Bruce Polain, 2020)
  • The JWF Story  - Italia & Milano (Bruce Polain, 2020)
  • The JWF Story  - Italia & Milano (Bruce Polain, 2020)
  • The JWF Story  - Italia & Milano (Bruce Polain, 2020)
  • Chrysler's Motown Missile: Mopar's Secret Engineering Program at the Dawn of Pro Stock
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Published in 2020


Originally the book was to be a collection of photos but having been associated with the boys from JWF from the very beginning, I felt there was a story here that should be told. This required a huge effort, as it had not been done before but fortunately Sam Johnson and Ned McGovern were up to the challenge of chasing people for their memories and memorabilia over a sixty-year period. No doubt both Ned and Sam were relieved when we reached the end and after much proofing, we went to print with copies available 4.8.2020. Almost immediately – former Milano owner and noted motor sport identity Dick Willis sent a message. “The books arrived today, congratulations on a first class production, content excellent, presentation A1, I have just ordered another three books”. But Dick didn’t stop there - he sent further praise to Sam Johnson "Congratulations on having your JWF Story recorded in print for posterity and I trust many more people will now be able to be aware of the great work you and your partners did with JWF. And from the Bolwell Car Club website: “A decade before the Bolwell Boys started building Production Kit Cars, JWF was building kits, complete cars and dominating local sportscar racing. Today more than 50 are still alive and running (of around total production of 300). They range from mint concourse examples to full-blown racecars, still tearing up the tracks in Historic Racing in Australia, UK, Europe and elsewhere. This remarkable story is told in a new book THE JWF STORY, by Bruce Polain.”. B.P. August 2020


“... a very easy and enjoyable read. The method of tracing the particular models sequentially through the various owners was a unique and logical way to handle this story. Good pieces on the characters, race cars, specials and internationals...great to have this JWF record for the first time. And forever”. Rob Luck (NSW).

“It kept me up reading late last night...I learned more in 1 1/2 hours last night than the last four years.” Peter Brown (Qld).

“I'm now on my second reading of the JWF story! I have gained a great insight into the people and fabulous cars in the JWF fraternity. Quite amazing - the achievements of so many in various parts of Australia and the world.” Robbie Mills (Tas).

“What a great Australian motoring history story. Thank you for a great book.” Ted Hinton (Qld).

“Can’t put it down...such a marvellous history book. I feel privileged to have had the joy of owning a JWF Milano. Well done Bruce, Sam and Ned”. Malcolm Shaw (NSW).

“This is a brilliant book. Congratulations on the massive effort in doing this mammoth project. No easy task!”  Jeff Morrow (NSW).

“John Burke & Warren Dewey rang saying: what a great book with so many photos - also Mike Batten sent me a text very pleased with his copy. Two mates Bob Smith & Jack Hughes rang me to say what a great book so pleased - they did not know JWF made so many Milanos.” Ned McGovern (NSW).

"Congratulations on a great book. BP and yourself have done JWF proud." Paul Cross (NSW).

"Sam. Thanks for all your hard work on this book (and very much your story). Without you, Milano's would not be around." John Wright (NSW).

“I just wanted to let you know how great the book is. I surprised my father with his copy last night. He was really chuffed to see our dirty old beast sharing the pages with some of the most beautiful cars in the world (we think so anyway!).” Adam Green (Vic).

“Just to be a snippet in the history of those cars is great”. Gordon Warwick (NSW). 

“A great read and a story that is Australian in every way. The team effort(s) to gain details & history must have been time consuming, satisfying and well worth it.” John Phillips (NSW).

“Comprehensive, colourful, graphic, proud, but laced with humility, it is a testament to mateship, persistence, lifetimes of enthusiasm and ingenuity and art. In my opinion a very good and necessary record from our times. Well done, you, and all”. John Medley (NSW).

“This well-presented book is a must for Australian motoring enthusiasts – written by the people who were involved, it is a factual record of the development of the beautiful JWF sports car bodies that have clothed so many Australian sports racing cars. The stories of the owners are all different but they all exude the same sheer pleasure, excitement and fulfilment in building and restoring old cars”. Barry Clarke (NSW).

“I thoroughly enjoyed the book & when I have 5 minutes to spare, over coffee, I revisit various sections. It’s a great book to bring back memories of some special people that have passed through my “Milano days”. The JWF STORY is a fabulous read & congratulations to you, Sam & all the others”. Mike Morris (Qld).

“My father in law & myself have just finished your book & we congratulate you on a fantastic & interesting read. We did see the Mark Hinton Milano Chev V8 open Barchetta at Speed On Tweed some years ago & were amazed at the style of the car that never seems to age. The book highlights the engineering prowess of Australian’s & highlights the need to get our country back to where it was in those times. Back then we were proud of our accomplishments as a nation. Not so much nowadays it seems”. Peter Buckingham (Qld).

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