The Navy Day By Day - Historical Naval Events in Australia and Abroad

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Author: Lew Lind, Hardbound, 288 Pages, ISBN: 9780864177872, Revised & Updated Edition, 1996 - Secondhand book in excellent order !

Originally published in 1982, this is a completely revised and updated edition of The Navy Day by Day— a comprehensive day-to-day record of naval events involving Australians and Australia from the sixteenth century to the modern day. It presents a minutely-detailed listing of more than 4000 entries concerning the Navy's role in the discovery, settlement and defence of Australia in a format that facilitates easy retrieval of information.

Though discovery, settlement and defence were the primary influences of the Navy in the development of the country, there are very few other areas in Australian history that the naval watchguard has not penetrated — from the great initiation to lift the veil of mystery from the Pacific region to the Gulf War. And in that impressive heritage, there is not only the traditions of the RAN or the glory of the ships themselves, but there are also the legends of the officers and men — a whole pantheon of bravery and endeavour.
Yet this book is more than a chronicle of the spectacular and the tragic.

The Navy has always had important peacetime work to carry out, and these often quieter events also find their place in this book. As well, the textual interest is complemented by the enormous range and detail found in the photographs - many of them from rare archives and not previously published. There are sections on great battles, definition of terms, biographies, and an extensive index.

If you are a Navy person, historian, student, researcher or just interested in our maritime heritage, this book will provide you with absorbing reading. It is a standard reference source for the home, library, school, research or commercial organisation.

Through his long career as a Navy Public Relations Officer and President of the Naval Historical Society from its inception in 1970 until 1988, Lew Lind spent much of his life promoting Australia's fascinating Naval history.

Aside from The Navy Day by Day his published works include Australia's Men of War, Sea Jargon, Battle of the Wine Dark Sea, HMAS Hobart (with M. A. Payne), N Class (with M. A. Payne), Scrap Iron Destroyers (with M. A. Payne), HMAS Parramatta, HMAS Sydney (with C. E. Daw) and a personal war memoir Escape from Crete (reissued as Flowers of Rethymnon).

For many years he was also known as a feature writer on historical subjects for Australian newspapers and magazines.

Lew Lind was director of the Garden Island Naval Museum until his death in 1994.

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