Acura - Honda NSX Performance Portfolio 1989-1999

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Compiled by R.M.Clarke, Softbound, 140 Pages, ISBN: 9781855204287 -**RARE BOOK IN EXCELLENT UNREAD CONDITION**


5 Acura NSX Automobile Magazine
9 Honda Challenges Europe Modern Motor
10 14 20 22 27 Ferrari Frightener Autocar
31 Acura NSX Motor Trend Annual
32 Japan's First Supercar Autosport
38 Mutant Ninja Ferrari Car Australia
NS-Excellence Automobile Magazine
Honda's Ferrari What Car?
NSX vs. Ferrari 348 is Comparison Test Road & Track Special
Honda NSX Auto Road Test Autocar
42 The Balance of Power - Honda NSX vs. Porsche Carrera 2 vs.
Nissan 300ZX Comparison Test Performance Car
50 Honda NSX Supercar Car South Africa
53 Instant Heritage Road Test Motor Sport
56 Acura NSX Road & Track Special
58 Leaner and Meaner - Honda NSX-R vs. Mazda RX-7 RZ
Comparison Test Motor Australia
66 Exotic Diversions - Acura NSX vs. Lotus Esprit Turbo
Comparison Test Road & Track
72 On the Track Top Gear
74 Acura NSX Road Test Car and Driver
79 Honda NSX Car
80 Acura NSX Road & Track Special
85 It's Better Than Ever Complete Car
86 Corrupt Practices - Honda NSX-T F-Matic vs. Porsche 911
Cabrio Tiptronic S Comparison Test Autocar
93 Acura NSX-T Road & Track
94 Mass Hysteria - NSX-R Sports Car International
100 It Takes Two to Targa - Honda NSX-T vs. Porsche 911 Targa
Comparison Test Motor Sport
103 I Want One, I Need One... - NSX-R Top Gear
104 Honda NSX-T F-Matic Car South Africa
107 Honda NSX What Car? Road Test Annual
108 1997 Acura NSX-T Road Test Road & Track
112 Acura's Stronger Statement Sports Car International
116 NSX Marks the Spot - Honda NSX vs. Lotus Esprit V8 vs.
Porsche 911 S Comparison Test Autocar
124 Germany Wins, No Penalties - Honda NSX 6-Speed vs.
Porsche 911 Carrera Comparison Test What Car?
128 Our Supercar Year Long Term Report Autocar
134 Acura NSX Zanardi Edition Road & Track
135 Acura NSX Car and Driver Buyers Guide
136 Acura NSX Zanardi Edition Motor Trend
138 Acura NSX Road & Track Special

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