Alfa Romeo All-Alloy Twin Cam Companion 1954-1994

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  • ALFA ROMEO All-Alloy Twin Cam Companion 1954-1994
  • ALFA ROMEO All-Alloy Twin Cam Companion 1954-1994
  • ALFA ROMEO All-Alloy Twin Cam Companion 1954-1994
  • ALFA ROMEO All-Alloy Twin Cam Companion 1954-1994
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By: Pat Braden .

The book Alfa Romeo All-Alloy Twin Cam Companion 1954-1994 provides an excellent technical and historical overview of the Giulietta and Giulia family of small sporting roadsters, coupes and sedans.

If an Alfa Romeo had one of the all-alloy four-cylinder engines and reached production, it's covered in this book. In addition to cars wearing the Giulietta and Giulia badges, the many variants of Duetto, GTV, Berlina and Alfetta are covered, from 1954 through 1994 when the final Alfas - including the four-cylinder Spiders - were sold in the United States.

When it came to Alfa Romeos, author Pat Braden was an enthusiast's enthusiast. Pat didn't just write about Alfas - he lived and breathed Alfas.

From the mid-1950s when he first owned a Giulietta Sprint until his death in August 2002, Pat had owned scores of Alfa Romeos, ranging from a 6C1750GTC and an 8C2300 to 1900s, Giuliettas, Giulias and countless later models.

Alfa models are discussed according to history, engine and chassis. This one volume contains important information needed to understand and enjoy one of these Alfas, as well as to perform many minor service tasks.

Braden starts with a brief overview of Alfa Romeo history, followed by a look at Alfa's presence in America. He also explores the major models of coupe, Spider and Berlina that used the all-alloy four-cylinder, as well as the limited production variants. Of course, he also gives much attention to that mighty engine itself. Braden explains the design and history of the engine, explores trouble spots and offers extensive advice and tips. Additional technical sections focus on the fuel system, transmission, brakes and chassis, not to mention overall restoration.

This extremely well researched publication - Alfa Romeo All-Alloy Twin Cam Companion 1954-1994 is a key to getting the maximum benefit and enjoyment out of your Alfa Romeo.

Alfa Romeo Models Covered by This Publication:

  • Giulietta
  • Giulietta Sprint
  • Giulietta Sprint Veloce
  • Giulietta Spider
  • Giulietta Spider Veloce
  • Giulietta Sprint Speciele
  • Giulietta Junior Zagato
  • Giulietta SZ
  • Giulia Sprint
  • Giulia Sprint GT
  • Giulia Spider
  • Giulia Spider Veloce
  • Giulia SS
  • Giulia TZ
  • Giulia TZ2
  • Quattroruote 4R Zagato
  • Giulia TI
  • Giulia Super
  • Giulia Junior
  • Duetto Spider
  • GTA
  • GTV
  • GT Junior 1750
  • GTV 1750
  • Berlina 1750
  • Duetto 2000
  • Spider 2000
  • GTV 2000
  • Berlina Alfetta
  • Berlina Alfetta
  • GT Graduate
  • New Giulietta



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