Anatomy Of The John Deere

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  • - Anatomy Of The John Deere (9780896895539)
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Author: Doug Mitchel, Hardbound, 254 Pages, ISBN: 9780896895539, First Edition, 2007

" Lavishly illustrated and innovatively written, Anatomy of the John Deere describes and demonstrates why "Nothing Runs Like a Deere.'"

More than 300 riveting photos featuring 35 John Deere tractors manufactured between 1928 and 1972 depict the nation's historical power horses in their' natural settings, while accompanying close-up photos show you first-hand the details that made these tractors great.

Photo-essays cover John Deere models dating from the Depression-era Model D, with a top speed of 3.25 mph, up to the 1974 Model 7520 — a gigantic, articulated piece of agricultural technology with air conditioning and a 8-speed Synchro-Range transmission.

Arranged chronologically and by model, you'll enjoy watching the evolution of the John Deere through the decades.

Pristine original or perfectly-restored tractors owned by well-known John Deere collectors help illustrate the Iowa company's most memorable machines. There is also a photo-filled chapter on the collecting of miniature John Deere tractors featuring some 33 replicas made by Ertl over the years.

"The owners of the tractors in this book as well as the author himself were touched by the John Deere brand in different ways and at different times, and each one has become a Deere aficionado."

—Chad Elmore, editor of Belt-Pulley Magazine


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