Audi - A History Of Progress, 1983 (Audi)

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Audi Publication, Softbound, 113 Pages, CODE: AUDI113, First Printed, 1982 - **Second-Hand book in good condition **

Compared with humanity's age-old dream of mobility, of being able to move from place to place faster than on foot, the history of the self-propelled vehicle is still a very brief one. From the velocipede invented by Freiherr von Drais, Monsieur Michaux' penny-farthing bicycles and John Dunlop's pneumatic tyres to the present day, scarcely a hundred and fifty years have elapsed, a very short period when we look back on the whole of our history.

Many are the technical 'steps forward' which have proved to be based on the wheel. With imagination, craft skills and immense determination our great-grandfathers and grandfathers seized and turned what for many of them was to prove the 'wheel of fortune'.

A glance at the current street scene reveals how much we owe to these pioneers: almost every family now has its own car. With the pleasure that this high level of personal mobility has brought us, however, has grown up a desire and indeed an urgent need to protect an environment which cannot expand to cope with increasing vehicle density, to keep the air free from exhaust emissions and to avoid health risks. Yet for the moment at least there is no alternative to the motor car in prospect which can as effectively satisfy humanity's desire for convenient personal transport.

Let us look back once again to how it all began. Although modern men and women are so often reluctant to spare the time for a leisurely study of their history, they are always fascinated by the early years of motoring, and indeed many older people themselves experienced these bygone pleasures at first hand, while others work for companies which played an important part in shaping the history of our turbulent century.

NSU and Auto Union, today united as AUDI NSU AUTO UNION AG, have more in common than the circumstance that they today belong to the same group of companies. Those who follow the two companies' history as narrated concisely in words and pictures by this booklet will soon discover that industrial pioneers were in both cases pursuing a sole objective: creating vehicles which would provide more and more comfortable, reliable, faster and economical personal transport.

But if you read on you will encounter for yourself this hundred-year mosaic of varying fortunes, human involvement, triumph and tragedy — with a sprinkling of the more curious stories that grow up in and around any company with a history as long as this.

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