Beautiful Danger - 101 Great Road Racing Photographs (Paperback Edition)

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  • Beautiful Danger: 101 Great Road Racing Photographs (Paperback Edition) (9780856409622) - front
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Author: Stephen Davison, Softbound, 128 Pages, ISBN: 9780856409622 - This edition published with corrections in 2015 (Original Edition published in Hardcover in 2003)


A lifelong fan of road racing, Stephen Davison was one of the first people to write books that take the sport and its fans seriously. His stunning photographs and passionate and incisive commentary — published in eight bestselling books — provide an unrivalled chronicle of road racing.

His early books, Beautiful Danger, Ragged Edge and Hard Roads, now available for the first time in paperback, are highly sought-after classics.

Much has changed since the books were first published — the greater professionalism of the sport, the increased focus on safety, and the renaissance of the TT. Races have come and gone, and so too have some of the much-loved riders whose talent and skill are captured in the pages of these books.

Davison, meanwhile, has remained involved, both professionally and personally, in the ebb and flow of the sport's fortunes. He has worked alongside those who have sought to influence change while continuing to document every aspect of road racing as a journalist and photographer.

The enduring appeal of Beautiful Danger, Ragged Edge and Hard Roads lies not just in the stories and incredible photographs that the books contain, but in the fact they make us reflect on the road travelled and on why the sport matters so much.


Beautiful Danger is one of the great road racing books of all time, a collection of 101 brilliant photographs by Stephen Davison, road racing's leading photographer and commentator.

The book celebrates the spectacle and the tradition of the sport and the heroes who have made it great.Agostini, Hailwood, the Dun lops, Rutter and McCallen are just a few of the riders who make it into Davison's hall of fame.

Available for the first time in paperback, this is a must-have book for all road racing fans.

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