Bugatti Type 10 to Type 251 Brooklands Portfolio

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  • Bugatti Type 10 to Type 251 Portfolio
  • Bugatti Type 10 to Type 251 Portfolio
  • Bugatti Type 10 to Type 251 Portfolio
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By: Brooklands Books (Road Test Portfolio).

Description - A-BUGRP

This book has been compiled for Bugatti owners, enthusiasts and others interested in the marque. In 1955, soon after leaving the Royal Air Force, I started accumulating motoring magazines and this modest collection eventually went on to form the basis of the now extensive Brooklands Books library. It currently contains tens of thousands of magazines originating from as far apart as South Africa, Australia, USA, Malaysia, Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, England and Hong Kong. It soon became clear that an index was needed to enable us to easily locate stories that we needed for compilations, such as this on Bugatti. A card index system was started whilst living in Dublin in the '60s and continued when, in the '70s, we moved to Hong Kong. This invaluable resource currently runs to about 500,000 entries with, on average, a further thousand added each year.

This book contains 149 international articles - the cream of the Type 10 to the Type 251 Bugatti stories located in our archive. The articles selected are written by knowledgeable and entertaining writers, many of whom have become friends and mentors such as Dean Bachelor, Griff Borgeson and Bill Boddy - who was kind enough to write in Motor Sport 'The Brooklands catalogue must now constitute the most complete historical source of reference available, at least of the more recent makes and models.

Brooklands Books has over 53 years published in excess of 600 motoring portfolios, the majority of which are still in print. For all of the contents of these motoring reference books we depend on the understanding and generosity of those who originally published and wrote the copyright material that we reprint in these anthologies.

Our thanks in this instance go to the managements of Australian Motor Sport, Auto, Autocar, Automobile, Autosport, Car, Car and Driver, Cars Illustrated, Classic & Sports Car, Classic Car, Classic Cars, Light Car, Modern Motor, Motor, Motor Racing, Motor Sport, Motor Trend, Motorcade, NZ Classic Car, Octane, Old Motor, Performance Car, Road & Track, Speed, Speed Age, Sporting Motorist, Sports Car Illustrated, Sports Car International, Sports Car World, Sports Cars Illustrated, Sports Cars of the World and Veteran and Vintage for their ongoing support.

R.M. Clarke


Brooklands Books Limited has established an enviable reputation over many years in capturing documents from many sources and publishing books on cherished marques. It is a wonder therefore that it has taken so long to feature Bugatti. It may be because for a hundred years the Bugatti automobile has had such a unique place within the motoring world that they have been reluctant to venture into an area where so much has been written already.
But we continue to be fascinated by the history of the family, the cars and Ettore Bugatti's designs.

This book provides an easy reference to articles and road tests published by the motoring magazines over many years. It will undoubtedly provide interesting reading for even the most diligent Bugatti researcher. Other motoring enthusiasts will welcome the fact that a selection of 150 articles is available in one volume and will be grateful for the technical information and driving impressions of the individual motoring authors.
Ettore Bugatti was born in 1881 into a home in which the traditional skills of the artist and the mechanic, which dominated Milan society at the time, were much in evidence. Ettore Bugatti's first ambition was to be a great artist and that can be seen in many of his designs. However like many young men of the time he was fascinated by the new mode of transport and before long he was designing and building his own cars.

Exactly one hundred years ago he established his own factory in Alsace near Strasbourg and produced the first Bugatti cars which he promoted as Pur Sang (thoroughbred). They became highly sought after by those wealthy enough to own them. At that time too a number of manufacturers were actively supporting motor racing. Bugatti was no exception to this; furthermore he encouraged owners to compete privately with their own cars. By the mid 1920s, Bugatti's reputation was at its peak winning all the major Grand Prix races. Today it is not only the Grand Prix Bugatti that is the most desirable, this book captures the magic of the more mundane touring and sporting models.

H R G Conway

Chairman, The Bugatti Trust

A portfolio of articles drawn from international motoring journals covering Bugatti models from 1909 - 3 parts consisting of:

  • Part One - Bugatti Type 10 to Type 40

  • Part Two - Bugatti Type 41 to Type 55

  • Part Three - Bugatti Type 57 to Type 251

The following Types are reported on:
10, 13, Brescia, Garros, 22, 23, 30, 35-a-b-c-t, 37-a, 38, 39, 40, 41 Royale, 43-a, 44, 46, 49, 50-s-t, 51-a, 53, 54, 55, 57-c-g-s-sc, Atlantic, Atalante, 59, Grand Prix, 73-c, 101-c and 251.


This book has been compiled for Bugatti owners, enthusiasts and others interested in the marque. It contains 149 international articles - the cream of the Type 10 to the Type 251 Bugatti stories located in Brooklands Books' archive.


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