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Chevrolet Inline-6 Engine - How to Rebuild (SA455)

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  • Chevrolet Inline-6 Engine - How to Rebuild (SA455) (9781613254882)
  • Chevrolet Inline-6 Engine - How to Rebuild (SA455) (9781613254882)
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*NOTE: This book focuses on the 1954-1962 engines. These engines had insert bearings as opposed to the poured Babbitt bearings of the earlier models. With the majority of owners retrofitting the newer engines into older chassis and the difficulty finding Babbitt professionals today, the focus of this book is on the 1954-62 versions.*

When rebuilding your Chevrolet inline-6 engine known as the Stovebolt, take advantage of Deve Krehbiel's knowledge that spans decades.

Deve of created the ultimate resource on rebuilding the Stovebolt Chevrolet powerplant. Using color photography with step-by-step sequencing, Deve takes you through the disassembly, rebuild, and reassembly of these engines, including rebuilding the carburetor, distributor, and intake/exhaust systems. Tech Tips highlight areas that can be overlooked, such as proper cleaning and determining if a part is reusable, and an appendix provides information on decoding casting numbers.

Chevrolet's Stovebolt was produced and applied to Chevrolet-powered automobiles from 1929 through 1962. Its effectiveness and simplicity greatly contributed to the lengthy duration of its life span with the engine still being created in some capacity into 2009.

With millions of Chevrolets built with an inline-6 engine, there's no shortage of candidates for a rebuild. With Chevrolet Inline-6 Engine: How to Rebuild, you will now have the perfect complementary tool to walk you through the entire engine-rebuilding process.

Pages: 144
Size: 8.5 X 11 (inches)
Format: Paperback
Illustrations: 407 color photos and charts
Publisher: CarTech
ISBN: 9781613254882
Product Code: SA455


Table of contents:






Chapter 1: Engine Identification

  • Casting Numbers
  • Serial Numbers 
  • Head Casting Numbers 
  • Visual Differences 
  • Engine Condition 
  • Is It a Rebuild Candidate? 
  • Organization Is Key 

 Chapter 2: Tools and Engine Cleaning 

  • Tools List
  • General Cleaning Procedures 

 Chapter 3: The Head and Associated Parts 

  • Lifters 
  • Pushrods 
  • Rocker Assembly
  • Head Machining Prep

 Chapter 4: Engine and Sheet Metal Parts Preparation

  • Bellhousing Disassembly 
  • Oil Pan
  • Valve Cover 
  • Side Cover 

 Chapter 5: Engine Teardown 

  • Harmonic Balancer and Oil Pump Removal 
  • Dipstick Tube
  • Timing Gear Cover
  • Camshaft 
  • Crankshaft and Pistons 
  • Water Jacket 

 Chapter 6: Choosing a Machine Shop 

  • Preparing for Machine Shop Work 
  • Standard Shop Procedures 

 Chapter 7: While the Engine Is at the Shop 

 Chapter 8: Distributor

  • Distributor Rebuild 
  • Vacuum Advance 
  • Ignition System 
  • Reluctor 
  • Wiring and Details 
  • High-Energy Ignition System 

 Chapter 9: Carburetor

  • New-Style Carb to Old-Style Filter 
  • Rochester B Carb Disassembly
  • Rochester B Carb Reassembly 
  • Fuel Delivery System

 Chapter 10: Miscellaneous Important Details

  • Intake/Exhaust Manifold Assembly 
  • Engine Sheet Metal Prep and Painting 
  • Flywheel Tips 
  • Starter Engagement 
  • Clutch Choices 
  • Water Pump Adapter 
  • Positive Crankcase Ventilation System 
  • Spin-On Oil Filter Adapter 
  • High-Energy Ignition 
  • Thermostat and Housing 

 Chapter 11: Post–Engine Shop Preparation 

  • Building an Inline-6 Engine Stand Adapter 
  • Cleaning and Prepping for Paint 
  • Final Machining Prior to Assembly  

Chapter 12: Engine Assembly 

  • Crankshaft 
  • Timing Plate 
  • Camshaft 
  • Oil Seal 
  • Timing Cover and Harmonic Balancer 
  • Oil Pump and Pickup 
  • Pistons and Piston Rods 
  • Rings 
  • Pistons 
  • Oil Pan 
  • Head 
  • Intake and Exhaust Assembly 
  • Water Pump 
  • Carburetor 
  • Miscellaneous Attention to Detail 
  • Fuel Pump 
  • Valves 
  • Hard Lines 
  • Spark Plugs and Plug Wires 
  • Water and Oil 1
  • Engine Break-In 



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