Classic Hot Rods (Bo Bertilsson)

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Author: Bo Bertilsson, Softbound, 128 Pages, ISBN: 9780760307212, First Edition, 1999

"Yo brothers and sisters of hot rodding, listen up! This is your favorite hot rod rebel of the 1940s, Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth, explaining why ya want this book.

The real old days of hot rodding are getting lost and the truth is fading fast. We raced, we cruised, and we had those innocent days of drive-ins and street races. Those early pioneers created the 'look' of rodding. The fast engines, raked bodies, and poodle-skirted 'boogywoogying' chicks made it all happen. What about us old-timers?

That's where Classic Hot Rods fills the void—it's the best out there! "

—Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

If chopped and channeled '34s with Bonneville-style streamlined noses, T-buckets with Model A frames, or Norm Grabowski's "Kookiecar" from the vintage television program 77 Sunset Strip bails your blood, then Classic Hot Rods will make it rage!

Discover the iron, attitude, and designs that make fenderless highboy T-bodies on 1929 Ford chassis, 1932 Deuce Roadsters pumped by 1940 8B4 flatheads, and Hemi-powered 1934 coupes shooting the flats at Bonneville into classic hot rods.

Author Bo Bertilsson, a long-time hot rodder, steeps you in hot rod lore ranging from profiles of traditional hot rodders like Tom Prufer, Pete Eastwood, and Vern Tardel, to the traditions of hot rods on the salt flats or at the crown jewel of rodder-prestige—the annual Oakland Roadster Show. S

o grab a copy, buckle in, and dig the ride that can only happen in Classic Hot Rods.


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