Dick Seaman - Racing Motorist ( Prince Chula of Thailand) 5th Edn 1948

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  • Dick Seaman: Racing Motorist by Prince Chula of Thailand - front
  • Dick Seaman: Racing Motorist by Prince Chula of Thailand  - cont

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Author: Prince Chula of Thailand, Hardbound, 189 Pages

5th Edition, 1948 - Second-Hand Book in Perfect condition despite age spots -

Prince Chula of Siam tells with sympathy and insight the story of this all too brief life. The biographical portion is delightfully sketched, whilst great motor races and outstanding victories are recorded with excellent restraint.

Earl Howe, in his foreword, called Seaman "perhaps the greatest road - racing driver this country has ever produced." George Monkhouse in his Epilogue writes: "That Prince Chula undertook to write Seaman's Biography is, I think, as fine a tribute as Dick's oldest rival, the Chula-Bira-Equippe ' could pay him, and I do not believe there is anyone who could have done it better."

The book is a great addition to the literature of motoring. as well as a tribute to a brave and highly-skilled man.

"As a biography it is about as complete as a biography could be . . . Undoubtedly an important addition to the world's motoring literature . . . Gave an insight that I previously lacked . . . Yes, it's a book worth reading" . . .—The Autocar.

The announcement of a further edition of Prince Chula's book, Dick Seaman—Racing Motorist, published by Messrs. G. T. Foulis Ltd., draws attention to the interest that these publishers have long shown in motor-racing literature.

Readers will recall Full Throttle, the autobiography of the late Sir H. R. S. Birkin, S. F. Edge's My Motoring Reminiscences, and A. Percy Bradley's story of Brooklands, Wheels Take Wings. More recently Messrs. Foulis have produced the motoring recollections of " B. Bira," published under the title of Bits and Pieces.

It is pleasant to see motoring literature so well handled. All sound books on motoring, particularly motor racing, command a ready sale these days.

The Motor.

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