Factory-Original Sporting MK2 Escorts - The Originality Guide to the Sporting Variants of the Escort

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This book covers the sporting versions of Ford’s Escort Mk2, including the RS Mexico, Sport, Harrier, RS1800 and the RS2000. Also covered are the Australian variants and Series X cars.

Model-by-model, with hundreds of pictures, it gives you all the details of correct factory specifications and equipment, including body panels, external trim and badging, paint colours, interior trim and trim colours, dashboard, instruments and switches, under-bonnet components, engine and transmission, lamps, and all other features right down to the tool kit, from the beginning of production to the end. All this detailed information is vital to the buyer, owner and restorer.

Each model’s section opens with a brief text introduction followed by specially commissioned colour photographs with extended captions. For quick reference to accurate and comprehensive information, this formula is hard to beat.

Book Details:

Publisher Code: 9781906133290
Author: Dan Williamson
ISBN 13: 9781906133290
Published: 2012
Pages: 160
Dimension: 255x255mm
Hard Cover, colour illustrations

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