Ford Fairlane 1955 - 1970 Road Tests

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Compiled by R.M.Clarke, Softbound, 100 Pages, ISBN: 9781870642750

Brooklands Books publish source books. There is nothing original within their covers and their purpose is to make available to today's owners the road tests and other technical stories that were printed about a marque when it was in production.

Amongst our 350 titles are three others on 50's Fords. Firstly, Ford Automobiles 1949- 1959 which covers all the main models of the period, including a token selection on the Fairlane. Secondly, Thunderbird 1955-1957 dealing with the 2-seater cars that are now much sought-after and finally, Thunderbird 1958-1963 reporting on the larger 'square-birds'.

The fifties have become an important period for motor enthusiasts and should you doubt this, visit one of the great automobile get-togethers at Carlisle or Hershey and see how well they are represented.

We are guided in our choice of subjects by popular demand and recently have produced 50's titles on Cadillac, Buick, Packard, Studebaker and Chevrolet, and have currently at the printers 'Oldsmobile Automobiles 1955-1963'.

Our books are printed in small numbers as works of reference for those that indulge in the hobby of automobile collecting and restoration. We exist firstly because there is a need by owners for this information and secondly because the publishers of the world's leading automotive journals generously assist us by allowing us to include their copyright articles in our series.

We are indebted in this instance to the management of Autocar, Autosport, Car, Car Life, Modern Motor, Motor, Motor Life, Motorsport, Motor Trend, Road Test, Speed Age, Wheels and the World Car Catalogue for their ongoing support.

R.M. Clarke

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