High Performance Lotus Cortina 1969 Workshop Manual

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This Manual gives repair and adjustment procedures applicable to the 1969 Cortina-Lotus model. It includes component illustrations wherever possible, technical specifications and details of any special tools or equipment that may be required. Supplements are included, where necessary, to enable the manual to be used with earlier models.
When the special tools or equipment mentioned are not available, changes may be necessary to some of the dismantling and reassembly procedures. In certain instances use of special equipment is essential if a satisfactory repair is to be ensured. For this reason we strongly advise owners and operators to allow Ford Dealerships to carry out the more complex repairs, e.g. the overhaul of gearbox or differential assemblies.

Repair operations tabulated in this manual are of three types:—
(i) Basic Operation - This can be complete by itself or as a prelude to additional work. Generally a basic operation describes the replacement of a component or assembly.
(ii) Subsidiary Operation - This is additional work related to a basic operation. For example, overhauling an assembly that has already been removed.
5ii) Group Operation - This is a more extensive operation which combines one basic and one or more subsidiary operations. Because the basic and subsidiary operations are themselves already given in detail, the group operation merely lists which of the basic and subsidiary operations are required to successfully perform the group operation.

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