How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive - A Manual of Step-by-Step Procedures For The Compleat Idiot

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  • How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive - A Manual For The Compleat Idiot
  • How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive - A Manual For The Compleat Idiot
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By: John Muir .

Covers Types I, II, II, IV & Fuel Injection.

Your Volkswagen is not a donkey but the communication considerations are similar. Your car is constantly telling your senses where it's at: what it's doing and what it needs. I don't speak "donkey," but am fairly conversant in "Volkswagen" and will help you learn the basic vocabulary of this language so your Bus, Bug, Ghia, Fast/Squareback, Safari (The Thing), 411 or 412 can become an extension of your own sensory equipment. Perhaps the idea of feeling about your car is a little strange but herein lies a type of rapport which will bridge the communication gap between you and your transportation. I am a man, engineer, mechanic, lover feeler who has worked and felt with cars of all descriptions for many years.

This book contains the product of these years: clear and accurate Procedures to heal and keep well your Volkswagen. I don't expect you to become a mechanic I have done that! My understanding and knowledge will be yours as you work. You supply the labor, the book will supply the direction, so we work as a team, you and I. While the levels of logic of the human entity are many and varied, your car operates on one simple level and it's up to you to understand its trip. Talk to the car, then shut up and listen. Feel with your car; use all of your receptive senses and when you find out what it needs, seek the operation out and perform it with love. The type of life your car contains differs from yours by time scale, logic level and conceptual anomalies but is "Life" nonetheless. Its Karma depends on your desire to make and keep it ALIVE!


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