Illustrated BMW Buyer's Guide (Revised Edition)

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  •  Illustrated BMW Buyer's Guide (Revised Edition) (9780879381653)
  •  Illustrated BMW Buyer's Guide (Revised Edition) (9780879381653)

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Author: Ken Gross, Softbound, 176 Pages, ISBN: 9780879381653, Revised Edition published, 1984 **BOOK IN GOOD CONDITION**

Surprising automotive range — German hot rods — Maze of models. . .all these terms describe the subject of Illustrated BMW Buyer's Guide!

Consider: BMW models include the exquisite hand-crafted (and very rare) 507, the rare and incredibly exotic Ml, luxury liners the equal of Mercedes and the unbelievably bizarre Isetta. BMW's great postwar model variety is largely due to Munich's performance tradition — its exciting habit of modifying base versions with increased displacement, injection, handling goodies, trick bodywork and the list goes on. BMW is a leader in turbo-charging, too.

Author Ken Gross fully researched and investigated the cars of BMW. His goal was to "learn the players, separate the knaves and discover the gems."

He succeeded brilliantly! Illustrated BMW Buyer's Guide is immensely valuable because Gross helps you to really understand these Bavarian wonders. He distinctly clarifies the differences (good and bad) between the many BMW models, and explains the numerous variations within each type. Here you'll discover which BMW's are truly worthy of searching out to keep and restore, which are the performance superstars and which are the best luxury choices. Not only is this book factual and lively it is also extremely well illustrated with over 175 excellent photos.

Illustrated BMW Buyer's Guide is packed with fascinating information on options, specifications, Europe-only fittings, special cautions, design analyses, sources and a lot more, including this series' exclusive five-star investment rankings.

There isn't likely to be a more worthwhile, more readable Bimmer book anywhere. You could almost say it's the ultimate book on the "The Ultimate Driving Machine."

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