Rolls-Royce 17EX - A Fabulous Destiny

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Author: Gautam Sen, Hardbound, 124 Pages, ISBN: 9789350872727, English - German Text, 1st Edition, 2012


Why was Sir Frederick Henry Royce so desperate to get his cars to go at 100mph? Why did Bentley's Le Mans victories irk Royce so much?

What common thread links Malcolm Campbell, the Blue Bird, the Maharaja of Kashmir and some million dollar cars in Calcutta?

All of this and some more comes together in this book Rolls-Royce 17EX A Fabulous Destiny that tells the tale of a very special car, of very special people, of spectacular countries across continents and of over eight decades of automotive history.

About the author:

With a graduation in economics and a post graduation in Business Management, Gautam Sen began his career in 1984, with India's leading carmaker Maruti Udyog.

In 1986, he switched industries and launched India's first newsstand car magazine, Indian Auto, as the founding editor. In 1992, Sen joined the Business India Group, one of India's leading magazine publishing houses.

The following year, in 1993, Sen launched Auto India as its founder editor, and it remains India's bestselling car magazine ever. Back to editing Auto India since 2007, Sen also launched the Indian editions of the German car magazine auto motor und sport(2001) and the British monthly BBC TopGear (2005).

Living between Paris and Mumbai, he also contributes regularly to various European magazines. Other books written by him include: The Maharajas Et Their Magnificent Motor Cars and The Car Design Book.


Weshalb war es Sir Frederick Henry Royce so wichtig 100 mph zu erreichen?

Warum haben die Siege der Le Mans Rennen von Bentley Royce so gestOrt?

Was haben Malcolm Campbell, der Blue Bird, der Maharadscha von Kashmir und die Millionen-Dollar-Autos in Kalkutta gemeinsam?

All das und noch viel mehr wird in einem Buch beschrieben, das die Geschichte eines ganz besonderen Autos, von ganz besonderen Menschen, von atemberaubenden

Landern quer durch die Kontinente und Ober achtJahrzehnte Automobilgeschichte erzahlt. Rolls-Royce 17EX Ein Stick Geschichte ist em n Buch iiber Menschen, Autos, Manner und Maschinen.


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