Supercharging, Turbocharging & Nitrous Oxide Performance Handbook

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Authors: Earl Davis and Diane Perkins-Davis, Softbound, 160 Pages, ISBN: 9780760308370, 1st Edition, 2001

- Fundamentals and Technical Basics - Engine Preparation - Fuel and Electronic Controls - System Specification - DYNO Test Results


Looking for more power and performance? A well-designed forced induction kit can be the most cost-effective route to jaw-dropping dyno numbers and block-lock burn-outs!
Inside this book is your one-stop guide to supercharging, turbocharging, and nitrous oxide performance systems.

Containing more than 250 photographs and stunning detail and descriptions, this forced induction modification bible covers every aspect of the process, from assessing desired power goals and choosing the right aftermarket system to engine preparation, fine-tuning, upkeep, and repair. 

• The fundamentals of forced induction systems and how they work
• How to determine how much power is enough (or too much)
• Diagrams, technical data, and specs
• Detailed information on specific turbochargers, superchargers, and nitrous oxide systems and their manufacturers
• A comprehensive resoutte section to get you started down the right road
• And much more!

'Whether you are an expert mechanic or a gearhead newbie, Supercharging, Turbocharging, & Nitrous Oxide Performance Handbook is the perfect tool to finding the proper, most affordable forced induction system to boost your engine's power and performance.

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