101 Sportbike Performance Projects

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Author: Evans Brasfield, ISBN: 9780760313312, 256 pages, paperback, published in 2004

• Basic Maintenance
• Installing Aftermarket Performance Accessories
• Suspension Setup
• Fuel Injection Tuning
• Improving Engine and Exhaust Systems

Sportbikes are among the most frequently modified motorcycles on the road. One of the pleasures of owning a sportbike is the variety of do-it-yourself projects available to enhance the feel, look, performance, and longevity of these incredibly complex machines.

From standard maintenance, such as oil changes and chain replacement, to more complex projects such as fuel injection tuning or clutch replacement, there's an endless supply of weekend projects to be done.

Evans Brasfield is a noted motorcycle journalist and a former editor at Motorcycle Cruiser and Sport Rider magazines. He combines his mechanical knowledge and talent with step-by-step photography to lead sportbike owners through 101 projects crucial to the survival and peak performance of their bike.
If you've ever been frustrated by doing it yourself, or if you're sick of dropping thousands of dollars at your local shop, 101 Sportbike Performance Projects is one tool you'll always keep handy in your garage.

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