A Passion for Speed - The Life and times of George Abecassis

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  • A Passion for Speed: The Life and times of George Abecassis
  • A Passion for Speed: The Life and times of George Abecassis
  • A Passion for Speed: The Life and times of George Abecassis
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By: David Abecassis .

Book Description

George Abecassis was one of the last of the amateur drivers whose experience and dedication to the sport made him a semiprofessional, and whose successes and efforts both before and after the War made him a household name. In later years everything was becoming more professional, including the drivers, and George played a part in that development, through his co-ownership (with John Heath) of HWM (which gave Stirling Moss and Peter Collins their first paid team drives in Formula Two), by joining the Aston Martin team, and through his long memberships of the governing committees of the BRDC and BARC.

George and his business partner, John Heath, began to restore British pride and prestige in continental eyes in the early 1950s and this story is also told in considerable detail. Lavishly illustrated with 550 photographs by the finest photographers of the day and from his personal albums, this book brings to life the story of an accomplished and courageous driver's struggle for success which involved cooperation, friendship and rivalry with all the leading figures in British motor racing at the time. Geoffrey Taylor, Earl Howe, Tony Rolt, Bira, Reg Parnell, John Heath, Duncan Hamilton, Stirling Moss, Lance Macklin, David Brown and many others are the characters in the tale, all drawn carefully, with John Heath's life and death being covered for the first time in motor racing literature.

The story of George's racing career from 1933 to 1956 includes the first full race list, both of George himself (217 races) and of John Heath and the HWM Works team (400 races), together with appendices on the two dozen cars built at Walton and the nearly 30 different cars George raced. There are separate chapters on his distinguished and dramatic wartime life in the RAF, for which he won the DFC, and on his four entries in the Mille Miglia, a race he felt to be the greatest one of all. Wherever possible, George reveals himself through extensive quotes from his many published articles and interviews and from the anecdotes recalled by his many friends and his family.


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