All But My Life - Stirling Moss Face To Face With Ken W. Purdy

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Author: Ken W. Purdy, Hardbound, 239 Pages, ISBN: B0000CLT0D, First Edition, 1963 - ** Second-Hand book in very good condition, no dust jacket !**

All But My Life is one of the most revealing books ever published by a world celebrity.

It is only incidentally concerned with motor racing: it is a searching self-examination by the greatest master of what has so often been called "the only new sin of the 20th century—speed."
Here, with no holds barred, is the frank, perceptive self-portrait of a complex and compelling personality. Stirling Moss has the fascination inherent in the man who can do one thing, whatever it may be, better than anyone else living, and, perhaps, better than anyone else who has ever lived.

He is one of those who know that if life is to be fully appreciated, it must be risked, and, unlike most of that breed, he knows what goes on within himself and he can discuss it freely and openly.

This self-portrait has been elicited by Ken /Purdy, who has been concerned for years with the attitudes of men in high death-risk occupations, and he is deeply informed in motor-car racing. But more importantly, over a period of years he has achieved a most subtle appraisal of Moss the man, and was thus able to draw him out on the most intimate and searing questions that have confronted Moss both as a public figure and as "the single individual" (as the existentialists say) who has had to choose by himself alone in the ultimate decisions of love, life and death.

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