Automobile Year 1999 - 2000 (No. 47)

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  • Automobile Year 1999 - 2000 (No. 47)
  • Automobile Year 1999 - 2000 (No. 47)
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Automobile Year Annual 1999 - 2000 (No. 47), very good condition, ISBN: 9782883240575

From the world-ranging spectacle of Formula 1 to the rough tracks of international rallies - via Le Mans, Formula 3000, endurance racing, touring cars and racing in America - Automobile Year covers every aspect of the world of motor sport, in the words of experts and through scores of pictures by the top photographers in their field.

But competition isn't everything. Cars are exciting and beautiful, so this is the book that gives the the most complete coverage of the latest road cars, with photographs of the best of the new models and updated listings of all the year's introductions.

But production cars aren't everything. Automobile Year gives the best account of the motor industry's dreams and flights of fancy, the concept cars that exercise the top stylists and foretell the future.

There are pictures of these exciting design pointers and expert analysis of their influence - good and bad. There's also a look behind the scenes at one of the world's top constructors of concept cars.

But the future isn't everything. What's happening today in the world's largest industry is vital to national and international economies, so Automobile Year provides expert assessments of the motor business from the major car manufacturing areas.

But what's happening this year isn't everything. To prove that, the world's best motoring annual looks back, in words and evocative pictures, to the world championship year of 1951 and to Jackie Stewart's first world title, thirty years ago.

There are also stories about Isetta and Maybach, names that are no longer with us - although Maybach will soon return, thanks to Mercedes-Benz.

But history isn't everything, so there's also a look at women in racing - behind the wheel, in the drivers' lives, and in the pit-lane some of them treat as a catwalk.

But don't expect us to say women aren't everything...

One thing is for sure. In 272 pages and nearly 500 photos, Automobile Year is the book that covers everything about cars - just as it has done for the past forty-six years.


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