BMW 3 Series Enthusiast's Companion

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  • BMW 3 Series Enthusiast's Companion
  • BMW 3 Series Enthusiast's Companion
  • BMW 3 Series Enthusiast's Companion
  • BMW 3 Series Enthusiast's Companion
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By: Jeremy Walton .

Book Description

Insider story of design and development, from the revered 2002 to the high-tech E46. AUSA & Eupropean production, sales and specifications. This publication includes Buyer's Guide.

A very comprehensive and insightful look at BMW's most popular line. From a chronological perspective, Jeremy Walton explores the series from its modest beginnings in the inspirational 2002 to the sleek and sophisticated current 3 Series.

This book exhaustively details every 3 Series platform E21, E30, E36, E46.
Through photos interviews and personal experience, Walton takes you on an exciting tour of BMW legend and lore. Along the way he devotes extensive coverage to the greatest M3 variants in Europe and America, including the M3's glamorous and remarkable racing accomplishments.
He also delves at length into the many competition successes of all 3er generations.

The Enthusiast's Companion is also the definitive spotter's guide for 3 Series identification, technical specifications, and other esoteric, hard-to-find information.

You'll also find an in-depth section on the ins and outs of buying a used 3 Series, including well-known weak spots and other insider buying information to help you strike the best deal.
For the prospective enthusiast, this book may well be the most important first step to buying a 3 Series.

he BMW 3 Series Enthusiast's Companion is an enjoyable reading experience for anyone interested in the BMW 3 Series and reflects Walton's years of BMW knowledge. If there is any one book that uncovers the complete understanding of the 3 Series, this is it.

Enthusiast's Companion Higlights

  • Production history of the 3 Series from the revered 2002 to the high-tech E46
  • 3 Series Specifications
  • Sales and Production Figures
  • A Comprehensive Spotter's Guide
  • Buyer's Tips
  • Over 400 Informative Photos


Jeremy Walton and Bentley Publishers have done it again. From the humble beginnings of the first 320i to the sensational styling of the newest E46 3 Series this book covers the story extremely well. As for us, as certifiable 3 Series freaks, we have already ordered our copy of this fantastic new book!
Tim Suddard of Grassroots Motorsports


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