Early Australian Automotive Design - The first fifty years

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  • Early Australian Automotive Design - The first fifty years
  • Early Australian Automotive Design - The first fifty years
  • Early Australian Automotive Design - The first fifty years
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Author: Norm Darwin, ISBN: 9780975690055, 350 page Hard cover 210mm x 295mm


Covers first Australian cars 1895 - 1950, Early body building, Holden Motor Body Builders, 48-215 Holden design, Holden, Ford and other designers.

?Foreword by Mike Simcoe.
Includes Drawings, 100s of images, full colour, dust jacket.

Early Australian Automotive Design reveals new knowledge about one of the most significant Australian industries of the twentieth century, the automotive industry. It provides the first comprehensive account of the origins and early development of Australian vehicle design from the 1890s to the 1950s.

Five periods of Australian automotive design are examined: the early inventers/builders up to WWI (1895-1916); opportunities that arose from an embargo on imported bodies (1917-1922); design and development of post war Australian cars (1919-1938); the development of the standardised motor body, its variations and

unique body styles (1926-1938); and the opportunities afforded by WWII to design and produce an Australian car, principally the Holden (1939-1953).

The outcome is the first scholarly account of early Australian automotive design during its formative years. The research uncovers the names of Australian designers who have been neglected or are unknown, and it also sets out to discover unknown early Australian automobiles.

Early Australian Automotive Design explores the design effort of individual component designers, many who produced internationally successful automobile engines, transmission systems and suspension parts. Several automobile historians have identified and listed Australian car production, all to date have included imposters.

This book sets out to clarify what an Australian car is and lists true Australian efforts. Many significant endeavours of design and manufacture are included in the main text with the majority covered in a separate chapter. Short biographies of influential Australian automobile designers are spread throughout the book.
As the Australian automobile manufacturing industry closes and restructures in 2017 there is a need to ensure that its design legacy is investigated and recorded so that we may understand the uniqueness and inventiveness that emerged and developed during the 20th century, and is still evident in the current automotive design environment in Australia. Early Australian
Automotive Design fulfils this legacy.

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