Illustrated Aston Martin Buyer's Guide

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Author: Paul R. Woudenberg, Softbound, 143 Pages, ISBN: 9780879382100, 1st Edition, 1986 -*Second-Hand book in good condition !**

For some, these grandest of grand tourers are the match of any Ferrari; others don't think they come within striking distance.

These very British, very noble, high-performance road burners are spoken of in the same terms, even in the same bars and gentlemen's clubs, as Jaguars, Maseratis, Porsches and Lamborghinis, often surpassing Mercedes-Benz. Some people wouldn't give them a thought, let alone garage space.

What makes this exotic marque so loved and so disliked at the same time?

Paul Woudenberg carefully, yet entertainingly, unlocks the door and sits you behind the wheel of all the models, and rates them as both investment cars and everyday drivers.

Paul lists specifications, number built and special qualities, and he rates reliability and rarity — even helps with some aesthetic factors.

What no one can disagree with is that there is more useful detail within than in most previous books on the subject put together.

Here are some of the most magnificent, some of the fastest, cars in the world. They are some of the proudest examples of British craftsmanship ever to hit the racetrack or freeway or valet parking lots of Beverly Hills' busiest bistros. Whatever your automotive fantasies or nightmares may be, these are grand cars.

Paul Woudenberg, author of several books, has long been a connoisseur of fine cars, and numbers Aston Martin among his favorites.

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