Off-Road Driving Techniques

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By Vince Cobley & Dave Phillips,hardbound, 200 Pages, ISBN: 9780857333735, 1st Edition, 2013

Step-by-step instruction for all terrains

The Off-Road Driving Manual, written by two renowned experts and extensively illustrated, is aimed at all drivers wishing to learn to drive safely and successfully off-road, whether for the occasional trip across a field or to prepare for an off-road expedition in a remote part of the world.
The varying terrain likely to be encountered -from hard ground and dust in summer to the mud and ruts of winter - make off-road driving not only challenging but also highly entertaining! You will see this for yourselves as the authors tackle river crossings, rock steps, dense forest and steep gullies, also taking in perhaps less obvious but potentially troublesome conditions such as wet grass and snow.
Whether you are a novice or an experienced off-roader, this manual will provide you with detailed insight into the practical skills required to safely negotiate all types of off-road terrain, including challenges that may at first seem impossible to the inexperienced driver. Here is a wealth of advice and practical information to aid understanding of your vehicle's mechanicals, the conditions you are likely to encounter, and the techniques required to overcome them while driving safely within your and your vehicle's limits.
Knowing your 4x4 and vehicle preparation.
Tyres, gear selection, throttle control and steering. Off-road driving problems and how to avoid them.
Hill climbs and descents, ditch crossings, deep V-shaped gullies, side slopes. Driving on mud and grass, sand and rocks, ruts and uneven ground.
Wading, winter driving, towing, winching and recovery.
Where to go off-roading, professional training, glossary of terms.

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