Riley Maintenence Manual 1930 - 1956

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  • Riley Maintenence Manual 1930 - 1956 (B001102JPW) front
  • Riley Maintenence Manual 1930 - 1956 (B001102JPW)

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Compiled By S.V. Haddleton, Hardbound, 390 Pages, ISBN: B001102JPW, First Edition, December, 1956 - Apart from slight grease marks this rare book is in good condition !

This book has been produced for Members of The Clan Riley who may own a model made during the years 1930 to 1956. It does not set out to be a comprehensive workshop manual, but it has been written by enthusiasts in the hope that it will provide useful help and some interesting facts.
1930 may seem a long way back to some of you but there are, in fact, many excellently preserved Rileys on the road to-day that were manufactured several years earlier still.

The first Riley ever, was designed and produced during the years 1896-1898 and the marque has pioneered many developments since those days. From the very first the car was designed to appeal to the discriminating few and has never attempted to meet popular demands. The" Clan Riley" has developed and become a very real factor in motoring history during the past fifty years.

In that time every automobile engineering problem has but proved an opportunity which has been seized with eagerness. Instance the extraordinarily early use of the mechanically operated inlet valve incorporated in standard engine practice. That first model produced by Percy Riley in 1898 employed a mechanically operated inlet valve. Besides being the first to be successfully incorporated in automobile engine design, it later betrame the stumbling block of a Continental firm who sought to impose a patent royalty on the use of mechanically operated valves in England.

Thus, in the very earliest days the Riley Company had rendered the British Automobile World a service, the value of which it is difficult to estimate to-day.

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