The British Racing Hero - From Moss to Mansell

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  • The British Racing Hero: From Moss to Mansell (9780091744915)
  • The British Racing Hero: From Moss to Mansell (9780091744915)
  • The British Racing Hero: From Moss to Mansell (9780091744915)
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Author: Derick Asslop, Hardbound, 176 Pages, ISBN: 9780091744915 - First Edition, 1990 **BOOK IN EXCELLENT UNREAD CONDITION**

The British Racing Hero has appeared in many guises over the 40 years of the Grand Prix World Championship, but always he has been a giant of the sport.

Britain can boast ten drivers' titles, more than any other nation, shared by six men — again, more than any other nation. The names Hawthorn, Hill, Clark, Surtees, Stewart and Hunt are inscribed forever on Formula One's roll of honour.

But there are other names, not among the champions, which will remain imprinted on the memory for all time. Names such as Moss and Brooks, Watson and Mansell. Their achievements are not gauged by trophies but by the acclaim of the people. In the eyes of the great British public, they are heroes.

This book pays tribute to the drivers who have put Britain at the forefront of motor racing. It not only records their triumphs, it looks into their backgrounds, their personalities and their motivations. It also reminds us of the ultimate price so many of them paid.

The thread of the story is the Championship itself, passing through changing times and changing fortunes. But the pattern is woven by the character who has always stirred the emotions and carried the flag with pride — the British Racing Hero.


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