The Peugeot Adventure (Jean-Paul Caracalla)

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  • The Peugeot Adventure (Jean-Paul Caracalla) (9782207238219)
  • The Peugeot Adventure (Jean-Paul Caracalla) (9782207238219)
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Author: Jean-Paul Caracalla, Hardbound, 160 Pages, ISBN: 9782207238219 - First Edition, 1990 - **Second-Hand book in excellent condition**

For seven generations, the Peugeot family — the oldest among the world's automobile manufacturers — have guided their business through the stormy waters wich have rocked France since the 18th century.

When, one hundred years ago, in England, Armand Peugeot discovered a new means of locomotion, the velocipede, Peugeot was already fully established, thanks to its production of coffee grinders, saws, implements, and especially steel wire crinolines. The bicycle craze came about at just the right time, replacing the manufacture of the outmoded crinoline.

From the "Grand Bi" to the first steam driven tri-car introduced at the 1889 World Fair, and the first petrol engine cars in 1890, the firm's activity led to the creation ot the Peugeot Automobile Company, headed by Armand Peugeot_ As early as the beginning of this century, the first Peugeot cars were winning national and international car races. At the same time Peugeot introduced models, which strongly influenced their period (the 201, the 203, the 404, the 204 and the 205), and the Sochaux firm has won many automotive competitions (recently the Paris-Dakar Car Rally in 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1990).

Today, after the 405 (voted "Car of the Year" in 1988), and the 605, which has started to lead the market, Peugeot, with the 905, has made a commitment to world championship automobile racing The Peugeot adventure continues

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