The United States Grand Prix and Grand Prize Races 1908-1977

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  •  The United States Grand Prix and Grand Prize Races 1908-1977 (9780385142038)
  •  The United States Grand Prix and Grand Prize Races 1908-1977 (9780385142038)
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Author: Doug Nye, Hardbound, 144 Pages, ISBN: 9780385142038 - First Edition, 1978 **BOOK IN EXCELLENT UNREAD CONDITION**

This is the first complete story of the Grand Prize Races and United States Grand Prix up to the present day. Beginning with the first Grand Prize Race held at Savannah in 1908, Doug Nye chronicles the history of the event year by year to 1916, highlighting the heroes of these early times : Bruce-Brown, Wagner and Bragg.

Then, after covering the relatively small-time competitions which took place during the next three decades, he takes up the story of the World-Championship-qualifying American Grand Prix from its inception in 1959 through to the present day.

Providing a detailed account of each race, Doug Nye follows the changing fortunes of the drivers, the champions and the marques.

All the drama and excitement of Sebring, Riverside, Watkins Glen and Long Beach are relived as Moss, Ireland, Clark, Stewart, Reutemann, Lauda, Regazzoni, Andretti and Hunt each cross the finish line to pass into the record books, and world-famous names such as Lotus, BRM, Ferrari, McLaren and Brabham prove their engineering pedigree in this the most demanding of motor sports.

With complete information on drivers, cars, grid positions, results and retirements for each race, and a full list of competing drivers from 1908 to 1977 at the end of the book, this companion volume to The British Grand Prix will prove gripping reading and an
authoritative source of reference for all followers of the racing scene.

The jacket illustration shows the 1977 US Grand Prix West at Long Beach, California. Hans Stuck's Bra bham Alfa Romeo is about to be lapped by Mario Andretti's winning Lotus 78 and Niki Lauda's World-ChampionshiPwinning Ferrari. (Transparency by Phipps Photographic).
144 pages
84 monochrome photographs 10 circuit maps

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