Top Fuel Dragster 1963 onwards (all models) Owners' Workshop Manual

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  • Top Fuel Dragster 1963 onwards (all models) Owners' Workshop Manual
  • Top Fuel Dragster 1963 onwards (all models) Owners' Workshop Manual Back Cover
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Author: Dan Welberry, ISBN: 9780857332653, Hardback, 

An insight into the technology, engineering and maintenance of an 8,000bhp, 300+mph, 6G accelerating; 0-100mph in less than one second Top Fuel dragster.

Top Fuel dragsters are the fastest racing cars on the planet. Powered by huge 8,000bhp nitro-burning engines, the quickest cars can accelerate from 0-100mph in less that a second, subjecting the driver to 6G acceleration, and reaching over 330mph by the end of a quarter-mile timed run. The noise and spectacle of a Top Fuel dragster in action is truly astonishing - a once-seen, never-forgotten experience.
This fascinating manual featues a wealth of 'under-theskin' photographs and explanatory illustrations, providing a unique insight into the engineering of these incredible machines, and takes a look behind the scenes from the perspective of the driver and team members to explain how the cars are designed, built, maintained and driven.
III The Top Fuel dragster story - the history and
evolution of drag racing in the US and Europe

  • The anatomy of the Top Fuel dragster - chassis, steering, brakes, wheels and tyres, aerodynamics, electronics, cockpit controls, safety equipment, engine and transmission
  • European Top Fuel racing - an insight into what is involved in a typical timed run up the quarter-mile from the perspective of the driver and crew chief
  • The mechanic's view - crew members' perspectives on the the hard work, highs and lows involved in running and maintaining a Top Fuel dragster
  • The crew chief's view - the vital role of the crew chief, whose experience and decisions can determine the success or failure of any run in the car
  • The driver's view - some of the biggest names in European Top Fuel racing, as well as USA Top Fuel legend Don Garlits, relay their driving experiences

About the Author:

Dan Welberry s a long-time drag racing fan, with a passion for the sport since childhood. He has built up an enviable reputation as a leading marketing and PR man in European Drag Racing. He and former four-time FIA European Top Fuel title-holder and record breaker Andy Carter teamed up in 2001, with Welberry taking on marketing, PR and sponsorship duties for the team. Away from racing Dan runs a design and marketing company.

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