VW Beetle 1200 1954-1977 Owners Workshop Manual Haynes

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  • VW Beetle 1200 1954-1977 Owners Workshop Manual Haynes - front
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  • VW Beetle 1200 1954-1977 Owners Workshop Manual Haynes  - cont
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Authors J.H.Haynes and D.H. Stead, Softbound, ISBN: 0856965243 - Reprinted 1989

- Covers all models , 1192cc

-Introduction to the VW Beetle 1200

The VW Beetle 1200 was first introduced in the UK in 1954. It used an engine of 1192 cc capacity producing 30 bhp. The following year saw the engine power being increased to 34 bhp, and in 1958 the windscreen and rear window were increased in size for better visibility. In 1959 the chassis was strengthened and in 1961 the engine power output was again increased, this time to 40 bhp. This coincided with the replacement of the split-casing type gearbox by a single-piece casing, all-synchromesh gearbox.
In 1965 the glass area was again increased, and an improved braking system was fitted. 1967 saw modifications to suspension and in 1969 a dual-circuit braking system was fitted. In 1971 the rear window was again enlarged and in 1973 the rear lights were modified.
In late 1975 imports to the UK were confined to the 1200L model with de-luxe trim and equipment, this being discorromult in late 1977, when Beetle production in Europe ceased.
This is just a brief outline of the history of the Beetle 1200 it will be appreciated that it is impossible to list every last --c:Vscation made, as in a production run of well over twenty yeas as have been many and varied.
Buying spare parts and vehicle identification numbers
Buying spare parts -
Spare parts are available from many sources. VW have many dealers throughout the UK and the USA, and other dealers, accessory stores and motor factors will also stock VW spare parts.
Our advice regarding spare part sources is as follows:
Officially appointed vehicle main dealers — This is the best source of parts which are peculiar to your vehicle and are otherwise not generally available leg complete cylinder heads, internal transmission components, badges, interior trim etc). It is also the only place at which you should buy parts if your vehicle is still under warranty. To be sure of obtaining the correct parts it will always be necessary to give the storeman your vehicle's engine and chassis number, and if possible, to take the 'old' part along for positive identification. Remember that many parts are available on a factory exchange scheme — any parts returned should always be cleanl It obviously makes good sense to go straight to the specialists on your vehicle for this type of part, for they are best equipped to supply you.
Other dealers and auto accessory stores — These are often very good places to buy materials and components needed for the
maintenance of your vehicle leg oil filters, sparking plugs, busts,. belts, oils and greases, touch-up paint, filler paste etc). They general accessories, usually have convenient opening hours, lower prices and can often be found not far from home.
Motor factors — Good factors will stock all of the important components which wear out relatively quickly leg components, pistons, valves, exhaust systems, brake cylinders:7=W hoses/seals/shoes and pads etc). Motor factors will ofte-
new or reconditioned components on a part exchange E -
can save a considerable amount of money.
Vehicle identification numbers
Modifications are a continuing and unpublicised process it vehicle manufacture. Spare parts manuals and lists are compiled on a numerical basis, the individual vehicle numbers being essential to identify correctly the component required.
Chassis number — The chassis number is stamped on the frame tunnel under the back seat.Engine Number -- The engine number is stamped on the crankcase at the base of the generator pedestal.

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