Victorian Automobile Chamber Of Commerce

Wheels in Victoria 1824 - 1984 (Slipcased Edition)

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  • Wheels in Victoria 1824 - 1984 (Slipcased Edition) (9780949563996)
  • Wheels in Victoria 1824 - 1984 (Slipcased Edition) (9780949563996)
  • Wheels in Victoria 1824 - 1984 (Slipcased Edition) (9780949563996)

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Authors: Harold J Paynting & Malcolm Grant, Hardbound, 528 Pages, First Published, 1988 - **RARE SLIPCASED EDITION IN EXCELLENT** - Signed by both authors with the Registered Number 3655 of 4000 copies printed


The motor industry is inextricably intwined in the development and psyche of Victoria, for vehicular transport both in terms of application and influence has had a compelling effect since the days of early settlement.

The Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce through its own growth Id that of its membership too, has strong links with the emergence of the State.

V.A.C.C. now represents over 4,500 independent small business pi oprietors who are collectively involved in every facet of passenger, onunercial vehicle and farm machinery sales as well as the servicing, repair, le( onditioning and sales of vehicle components.

It sponsors and conducts the prestigious Melbourne International Motor Show where the latest and future in automotive design and technology is presented for public viewing. However, the association's beginnings were humble and resulted from a meeting in Bendigo called on September 20, I I) I 4 by two brothers, Henry and Percy Rickards.

Their action to create a motor association to co-operatively deal with common problems was a far sighted initiative. However it is doubtful that they would have believed the organisation would grow to what it is today.

During 1988 V. A.C.C. will celebrate seventy years of operation and I am proud as President that part of those celebrations has involved sponsorship of Wheels In Victoria.

All too often, the work, aspirations and achievements of our pioneers have been lost through the passing of time or overshadowed by events and the excitement of current technological advances.

This publication is intended to acknowledge and perpetuate their initiatives, efforts and enterprise.

Neil Smith


Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce

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