Audi TT All Mk1 (8N) models 1998 - 2006 - The Essential Buyer's Guide

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  • Audi TT All Mk1 (8N) models 1998 - 2006: The Essential Buyer's Guide
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Author: Mark Davies, ISBN: 9781845846145, paperback, published in 2014, 64 pages, 

Having this book in your pocket is just like having a real marque expert by your side. Benefit from the author’s years of Audi TT ownership, learn how to spot a bad TT quickly, and how to assess a promising car like a professional. Get the right TT at the right price!


This Essential Buyer’s Guide leads you through the process of buying an Audi TT, from whether this is the right car for you, what it’s like to live with, and what it will cost you to run, to which version and engine is best for you, and what you should be paying for it.

Having helped you decide these factors, this guide then takes you through the buying process. It explains what equipment you’ll need, including diagnostic software, and shows you how to quickly determine whether to look at a particular car in more detail, or to just walk away. A comprehensive and thorough evaluation section, with a points scoring system, lets you fully assess a prospective purchase, and detailed illustrations show exactly what to look for. With advice on paperwork and buying at auctions, every aspect of sourcing your car is covered.

Having helped you to find your dream car, the guide goes yet further to give you all the contact information you need to get involved with the TT-owning community and making the most of your new pride and joy!


  • Learn what a TT is like to live with
  • Advice on the costs of running a TT
  • 15 minute evaluation: walk away or stay?
  • Find out if you’re paying the right price
  • In-depth examination guide for prospective purchases
  • Helpful guide on using diagnostics software
  • Audi TT vital statistics
  • Contact details to help you get involved with the TT community
  • Comprehensively illustrated, so you know what to look for
  • Compact and easy to carry with you when viewing a TT

Additional Information

Covers the period 1998-2006, and all TT (8N or Mk1) derivatives, including coupé, roadster, 150, 180, 225PS versions of the 1.8T, 3.2 V6, and Quattro Sport. Does not cover the Audi TT 8J or Mk2.


Introduction – the purpose of this book 3

1 Is it the right car for you? – marriage guidance 6

2 Cost considerations – affordable, or a money pit? 7

3 Living with a TT – will you get along together? 8

4 Relative values – which model for you? 10

5 Before you view – be well informed 13

6 Inspection equipment – these items will really help 16

7 Fifteen minute evaluation – walk away or stay? 17

8 Key points – where to look for problems 23

9 Serious evaluation – 60 minutes for years of enjoyment 24

10 Auctions – sold! Another way to buy your dream 42

11 Paperwork – correct documentation is essential! 44

12 What’s it worth? ? let your head rule your heart 47

13 Do you really want to restore? – it’ll take longer and cost more than you think 49

14 Paint problems – bad complexion, including dimples, pimples and bubbles 51

15 Problems due to lack of use – just like their owners, TTs need exercise! 53

16 The Community – key people, organisations and companies in the Audi world 55

17 Vital statistics – essential data at your fingertips 57

Index 64

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