Audi TT - The Complete Story

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  • Audi TT: The Complete Story
  • Audi TT: The Complete Story
  • Audi TT: The Complete Story
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By: James Ruppert .

IN AUTUMN 1995 Audi took the motoring world by storm. The concept car that they displayed on their stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show was an instant star and the sexy two-seater coupe had such a striking, contemporary, unfussy design that it was widely wished that Audi would consider putting it into production. But it was supposed that this beautiful concept would go the same way as all the rest - be discarded, or be neutered; turned into just another bland euro-design. But to the surprise of many and the delight of everyone Audi announced their intention to put the car into production, a decision made in December 1995. When the car hit the showrooms it was clear that the design had hardly been changed at all.

The coupe was soon joined by a pretty roadster, the TTS, the prototype of which had appeared at the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show. The two cars began to sell in numbers into a very enthusiastic market. Then a series of bizarre accidents gave the TT just the wrong kind of publicity, and it began to seem as if the TT was too good to be true. But Audi solved the handling problems and the TT remains one of the most desirable sports cars available.

James Ruppert's complete history of the TT begins by unravelling the complicated lineage of Audi before looking at the conception and design of the TT, and its influences - as diverse as the Auto Union racing cars of the 1930s and Jimi Hendrix! Production changes and design progression are discussed, as is the place of the T1 in popular culture, and the TT's imitators. And James Ruppert brings the story right up to date with the latest V6-engined TT coupe. This is the perfect book for anyone entranced by this unique car.


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