Porsche 911 - In All Its Forms

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Author: Chris Harvey, Hardbound, 313 Pages, ISBN: 9780946609697, 1st Edition, 1988 - Secondhand copy in excellent order !!

Porsche 911 in all its Forms is a complete revision and update of Chris Harvey's original book The Porsche 911, complete with over 20 new colour pictures and over 70 new black and white photos.

There's nothing quite like a Porsche 911. Every one of the 250,000 made is a car with an extraordinary character. You either love it or hate it. There's no emotional compromise with a 911. The early ones understeer, over-steer, cost a fortune in fuel, start and stop
like nothing else on earth. The front seats are superb, the luggage space is restricted, and the back seats are a challenge even for a contortionist. The later ones are easier to drive and are far more frugal to run, but still incredible fun, even the 959 which is capable of almost 200 mph.

The Porsche 911 has achieved a fanatical following as the world's greatest sports car over more than 20 years because of three outstanding attributes; its sensitive handling which makes the car so satisfying to drive, its phenomenal performance, and the quality of its timeless design and manufacture.

The car's competition career has been equally outstanding. Variants have won on all terrains from the ice-bound passes of the Monte Carlo Rally to the scorching, boulder-strewn Sahara desert, from the quagmires of Rallycross to the 24 hours of Le Mans.
This book, like the other 13 in this series, offers a wealth of technical detail with history, anecdotes, practical advice and compulsive reading in the form of road testers' reports.

It is generously illustrated throughout with hundreds of pictures, hardly any of which have been seen before.


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