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From the Editors of Circle Track Magazine, Softbound, 154 Pages, ISBN: 9781557885067, HP-1506, 1s Edition, June, 2007

- Advanced engine theory and design for all levels of Circle Track Racing

Engines, they are the very heart of our race cars. We spend countless hours building, rebuilding, tuning and upgrading them, all in a quest to gain more power that will deliver us to Victory Lane. Today's race engines are technological wonders, complex pieces of machinery that are capable of amazing things. Understanding their systems and how they function are critical to building a winning racing program.

Over the years, race engine technology in the stock car world has taken significant leaps forward. You need to look no further than NASCAR's Nextel Cup Series, where the recent influx of Formula 1 engineers into its ranks is indicative of this advancement. But high-paid engineers invading major-league stock car racing is just one small facet of a growing trend in racing. Each and every aspect of the motor is getting scrutinized. Air filter makers are delivering higher flow numbers through the use of synthetic media. Piston manufacturers are manipulating the skirts to deliver better performance. A cam company has figured out a way to grind a camshaft that delivers a form of traction control. Programmable ignition systems that allow individual cylinder spark timing adjustments are in the reach of the Saturday night racer, and handheld tuners that can act like mini-dynos are just now making their way to the grassroots racer.

As these products and systems continue to evolve, so too must the racer and his/her team. With that in mind, we brought together some of the finest minds in motorsports to compile this book.

The subtitle of this book is Advanced Engine Theory and Design for All Levels of Circle Track Racing, and that's exactly what it is. Whether you race a Street Stock at Sumter, a Dirt Car at DuQuoin, or a Midget at Madera, this book has the vital engine technology that you need to know and understand in order to build a winning program.

This book is a compilation of the best technical engine articles written for Circle Track magazine, the source of advanced technology for motorsports, over the past few years. We arranged them based on subject matter, as if you were building an engine. This easy-touse format will allow you to quickly refer back to individual chapters in the areas you may be working.

On behalf of the writers and editors of Circle Track, we hope that you find it invaluable in building a winning race program.

—Robert Fisher, Editor

Circle Track Magazine, 2007

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