The Le Mans 24-Hour Race Christian Moity

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Author: Christian Moity, Hardbound, 212 Pages, 1st English Language Edition, Published, 1974, By Automobile Year , Lausanne

Secondhand book in excellent condition

This book has been produced at the request of the Automobile Club de l'Ouest, the organisers of Le Mans, to mark the 50th anniversary of the event's history. Founded in 1923, the race has been run ever since, apart from the war years and one period of French industrial unrest.

Here then is the true story of the 25 races from 1949-1973, graphically told in more than 300 photographs. In these pages, Jaguar and Aston Martin, Ferrari and Ford, Porsche and Panhard fight it out again, driven by such great names as Moss, Hawthorn, Shelby, Cunningham, Hamilton, Rolt, Chinetti —the list is endless in its talent, for all the best drivers came here, and their races have gone down into the history of motor sport.

Perhaps this is the secret of the glamour of Le Mans—it is living history. And to make this history complete, every race is detailed here, with comprehensive tables showing clearly every event in the race, all the details of the cars that took part, the successes and failures of the drivers, the engines used, and the speeds put up. Everything the most demanding reader could require is here, and an overall picture of each race can be formed from the pictures and tables.

This, then, is the history of Le Mans, exciting, dramatic, colourful, as the giants of the past and present battle again through these pages.

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