Setting up a Home Car Workshop (By Julian Edgar)

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  • Setting up a Home Car Workshop (By Julian Edgar) (9781787112087)
  • Setting up a Home Car Workshop (By Julian Edgar) (9781787112087)
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• Step-by-step – how to set up a home car workshop
• The best hand and power tools for working on your car
• Welding equipment for car fabrication and repair
• Home workshop layouts to make the best use of space
• Designing a home workshop from scratch
• Working under a car – pros and cons of ramps, hoists and pits
• Build your own storage cabinets, car ramps and workbenches
• How to use hand tools to get the best results
• Designing and fabricating components for car modification
• Set up your own car restoration home workshop


Want to modify, restore or maintain your car at home? This book is a must-read that covers the complete setting-up and use of a home workshop. From small and humble to large and lavish – this book shows you the equipment to buy and build, the best interior workshop layouts, and how to achieve great results.


THE complete guide to setting up, equipping and using a home car workshop. Working on your car at home saves you money and helps you to achieve the results you want. You might want to perform routine servicing, modify a car, restore a car, or even build a car from scratch, but to achieve the best outcome, you’ll need a properly-equipped workshop.
Whether you have a small or large space, this book covers workshop design, equipment, storage, safety aspects and much more.
You will find handy tips on the safe use of tools, a guide to welding, as well as instructions for building your own storage racks and cabinets, how to build a strong workbench – even how to make your own full-length car ramps. It also gives advice on the best tools for working on the electronics of your car. The book is fully illustrated throughout with real-world examples.
If you are planning to set up your own home car workshop, this book covers everything you need to know.

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Applies to all types of road and competition cars.

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